Potassium caseinate

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Potassium caseinate
Packaging information
Packaging information for Potassium caseinate
Qty in 20' FCL:12MT
Min. Order:1000KG

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Description of potassium caseinate

Potassium caseinate is a type of protein that is derived from the milk protein casein. It is a water-soluble salt that is made by adding potassium hydroxide to casein, which results in the formation of a potassium salt.

Potassium caseinate is often used as a food additive in various processed foods, such as dairy products, baked goods, and meat products, to enhance their texture and nutritional value. It is also used in some dietary supplements as a source of protein.

Potassium caseinate is considered safe for consumption by most people, including those who are lactose intolerant, as it contains very little lactose. However, people with a milk allergy should avoid products containing potassium caseinate.

Application of potassium caseinate

Potassium caseinate is commonly used as an ingredient in various processed foods, supplements, and nutritional products. Here are some common uses of potassium caseinate:

  • Food and Beverage Industry: Potassium caseinate is often used as an ingredient in dairy products, such as cheese and yogurt, to enhance their texture and flavor. It is also used in baked goods, such as bread and cakes, to improve their moisture retention and shelf life.
  • Nutritional Products: Potassium caseinate is a common ingredient in protein powders, bars, and other nutritional supplements. It is used to increase the protein content of these products and provide essential amino acids for muscle growth and repair.
  • Sports Nutrition: Potassium caseinate is used in sports drinks and other beverages designed to help athletes recover after exercise. It is believed to help rebuild muscle tissue and replenish glycogen stores.
  • Medical Nutrition: Potassium caseinate is sometimes used in medical nutrition products, such as enteral formulas, to provide a source of protein for people with certain medical conditions.

Overall, potassium caseinate is a versatile ingredient that is used in a wide range of products to improve their nutritional value, texture, and taste.